Friday, August 24, 2012

The Kiddie Altar

I always had the idea that when the time came to train the girls, I would go in order to make more sense to them. Starting with maybe elements, colors, days of the week.  But I think it would be a more organic process for them (and me) if we just bring more magick into our crafts and our home but in an organized way. Maybe a calendar with an herb of the week or something.

I think to get started, we'll have a little box where we keep our magickal things. And it will be kept away from the so we can take them out when we're learning. I was going to have them decorate it, but let's be honest, they're 3 and 1.5 years old. It will look like crap if I let them. Sorry kids.

Inside we have:

  • A goddess statue: Taweret, who saw me through two safe and easy births
  • A god statue: probably Buddha. We have loads of them and the kids love him
  • A feather
  • seashell
  • Acorn or rock
  • A few crystals
  • tea light (will not be lit, only standing in as representatives)
  • incense (also will not be lit, but smelled)
  • "crystal" ball (it's the leaded glass kind)
  • Little Notebook (Baby's first Book of Shadows)
  • Cute little tarot set I got them. (I'm bummed that you can't see pics of the cards. I can't even find them on Google images. Very cutesy cartoony and multi racial images that stay pretty true to the Rider-Waite decks)
  • Other fun treasures like my grandmother's tiny mirror, coins, etc.

So I showed it to them last night. They liked the shell and the crystals, but Isobel wanted to crush the cards and threw the crystal ball across the room. Okay okay too soon!  Until then, I'll be working on crafts with them so when I do begin their lessons, they'll have some idea what an element is. As for now, they do not give a crap.

I'm still going to purdy-up the box. When I'm done, I'll share with you all.



Luna said...

I started slowly as well...TK has her crystals that she uses to keep away bad dreams and she has a small box for her treasures :) we have had a lot of focus on Mama Moon as she can visualize her easily :) but love the idea of how your getting started...

Vita Plastica said...

Thanks for commenting Luna! I'm really excited about little things I can do now. Great idea about Mama Moon!

syafril anggaa said...
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