Thursday, October 28, 2010

Naming Your Year

Hello my dears,

It's a post! Can you believe it? Well, I wanted to repost about naming your year. I did a post about this last year.

But here's a refresher for any of you who would like to join me.

Several years ago instead of doing resolutions, a friend and I decided to name our years. As magickal people, sometimes it's enough to just decide on a year name, you have to do stuff.

This also helps if you don't know what to name your year. The first thing we do is buy a new notebook. Or if you're crafty, make one. Or if you're a paper whore like me, pull one from your shelf of unused notebooks.

So on your first page put your list of things you hope to accomplish this year. No no, things you WILL accomplish this year. If you haven't come up with your year name, you can now look at this list and see if there is a common thread that unifies it. If you have, then you can see how each thing will tie into your year name.

For example, here is mine:

Year of Luxury:
Spend more money on frivolous things
Work out after baby arrives and get back to pre-baby weight
Attend community events, festivals, etc.
Enroll Iris in daycare a few days a week
Take a family vacation
Go vegetarian for a while, research yummy vegetarian dishes
Begin craft projects with Iris
Spend every Saturday outside the house (in pleasant weather)
Take a walk every single day
Toward end of the year, buy clothes for self!!!
Come up with/employ meal plans!
Buy a deep freezer

So that all ties into my family living a more luxurious life. Playing more, worrying less. But we're no fools, buying frivolous things has already gone a little haywire, so one does have to have a little discipline. I have limited myself to one frivolous purchase per month, all for me.

The husband does what he wants with his money and the children's needs come from the household budget.

This came about because we've been scrimping and saving and we're still so far from being out of debt and wishing for this and that. We had such a frivolous life before we got married and had kids. In my doll craft work, I take so many shortcuts because I don't have the money for XYZ (yet I have money for Starbucks every day) We do not think that life has to be about NOT having. Life is about living.

So we put it to the test. I bought some frivolous doll things. The hubs bought comic books. Then my mom retires and buys us a new king sized bed. My aunt receives pension money and gives us a little something. My husband had mysterious gigs pop up out of the blue. All that PLUS we found a way to save more for my upcoming maternity leave.

So here comes the fun part: Decorating your notebook!

Last year, (was the Year of Conservation but that sounded too bleak, so I changed it to Year of Expansion and promptly found myself pregnant. oops) I used a simple cheap type of Moleskine and inscribed it with symbols of things I wanted to expand. Money, health, protection, etc. I found clip art of various things: happy family (with TWO kids!), a DJ (hubby's profession), a witch on a broomstick (bristle in front), a woman doing some craft work, etc. This year I think I'll put in more of an effort.

Then in this notebook (which should have pockets) over the course of your Year, take whatever notes you will need. I might put in a list of things to buy. Or a random spell that I'm crafting. Or a recipe or exercise plan. And print outs of things from the internet or magazine articles or something.

The book itself becomes a spell that helps keep you in line with your goals. I always keep the notebook with me. You may want to set up a weekly ritual sitting before a candle and going over some of the materials and articles you've collected to freshen your goals.

Lastly, in the notebook, sometime around March-June, depending on whether you begin on Samhain or on January 1st, do a mid year progress report. Note which goals you have accomplished, if your year has truly reflected the name and if not, how to change it. Also any other or new goals that you have for the remaining part of the year.

Okay kittens, that's all for me. Going to do another post about Samhain now.



SushiQ said...

Thanks for the great idea Dani. I'm going to start mine today. Thanks for the warning about "Year of Expansion" too lol. I'm thinking "Year of Harmony and Togetherness"

Dani said...

Sounds great Sushi Q!

Lori said...

I LOVE this Dani : )
I think I might actually try this year - well, DO!
Thank you for the great ideas...

Dani said...

And it keeps on working, Lo. My phone broke, will be a month until I can get a new one for free. We went to Verizon yesterday and whaddya know, they were running some promo stuff and we had been selected. Came out with a free phone. A good one too!

Crystal LunaRouge said...

You inspire me again! This will be my second year to "Name that Year". This year its about Cooking for me! Nourishing my family the best possible way I can.