Friday, August 24, 2012

The Kiddie Altar

I always had the idea that when the time came to train the girls, I would go in order to make more sense to them. Starting with maybe elements, colors, days of the week.  But I think it would be a more organic process for them (and me) if we just bring more magick into our crafts and our home but in an organized way. Maybe a calendar with an herb of the week or something.

I think to get started, we'll have a little box where we keep our magickal things. And it will be kept away from the so we can take them out when we're learning. I was going to have them decorate it, but let's be honest, they're 3 and 1.5 years old. It will look like crap if I let them. Sorry kids.

Inside we have:

  • A goddess statue: Taweret, who saw me through two safe and easy births
  • A god statue: probably Buddha. We have loads of them and the kids love him
  • A feather
  • seashell
  • Acorn or rock
  • A few crystals
  • tea light (will not be lit, only standing in as representatives)
  • incense (also will not be lit, but smelled)
  • "crystal" ball (it's the leaded glass kind)
  • Little Notebook (Baby's first Book of Shadows)
  • Cute little tarot set I got them. (I'm bummed that you can't see pics of the cards. I can't even find them on Google images. Very cutesy cartoony and multi racial images that stay pretty true to the Rider-Waite decks)
  • Other fun treasures like my grandmother's tiny mirror, coins, etc.

So I showed it to them last night. They liked the shell and the crystals, but Isobel wanted to crush the cards and threw the crystal ball across the room. Okay okay too soon!  Until then, I'll be working on crafts with them so when I do begin their lessons, they'll have some idea what an element is. As for now, they do not give a crap.

I'm still going to purdy-up the box. When I'm done, I'll share with you all.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Book of Wizard Craft

I was at my local used bookstore a few months ago and picked up a great book

It's probably for ages 8-12ish, but with parental assistance can be adapted for younger kids. It's got all sorts of fun Potter-esque crafts like wizard robes, wands, staffs, ink, spell books and boxes. Even recipes! Lots of fun stuff.

But the best part is that like Harry Potter books, it's filled with real (or mythical) knowledge. There are lots of little articles about fairies, magical herbs, (silly stuff like "Bad witches hate marjoram." and cool stuff like "The Egyptians used [garlic] when they took and oath and Roman soldiers ate it for courage and strength."), runes and other symbols, Celts and Druids.

I haven't made anything from it yet. I think the girls will need a few years to really get into it and not put their eyes out.


Kiddie Spells

I have been spending a lot of time researching pagan kids and parenting and what not over the last couple of day and came across these cute little spells that I could do with the daughters right now. This is from the Austin Pagans website.

Magick for Children
by Vidar Andrewson - Mind Fire

This document is written for kids who want to learn magic. It has no intense magical rites or even drawing the quarters. It has very simple magic that utilizes the child's imagination to create magic. A lot of people tell me that kids should not learn magic but if they did not learn to do magic then wouldn't that hold them back to some extent when they reach adulthood? The goal here is to make them better magic users than you or 

I when they reach adulthood, as it should be. The type of magic they do here will depend on their age. Obviously you will not have a 4 year old use a pocket-knife carving something into a stick. Before a child should use magic you must first determine if they are starting to get a conscious, or understanding of things. I have a 4 year old son who is just starting to understand things but in my opinion he is not ready to do much of anything magical yet. Other 4 year old children have a better understanding. The key to success is to make the games fun. If it's boring your kid(s) will let you know soon enough.

Bubble Magic
Have you ever blown bubbles when you were a child? This rite is quite simple but will work if the right mindset is in order. First go out into nature, on a hill, in a field etc on a windy day if possible. Tell your child to make a wish and blow the bubbles. When they blow the bubbles their wishes are put inside the bubbles and carried up to the Gods where the bubbles pop who will see their wishes and grant them. Explain to them that sometimes the bubbles will pop before getting there by being attacked by Loki's forces who take the form of bugs, birds, crosswinds, people and other things. If they say a little prayer before the bubbles are blown to ensure a safe journey of the bubbles to the Gods then that will help them do beginning invocations.
Kite Magic
Hand make a kite with your child(ren) doing most of the work. On the kite write messages of what they want, wishes. The message can be anything they want the gods(desses) to hear. It can have a poem written on it, or a request or a simple happy birthday to the God during Yuletide for the beginning of our year. The thought being that the higher the kite goes it gets closer to the realm of the Gods and they can read it easier. If the kite string ever breaks and the kite is lost maybe the Gods have decided to keep the kite? Don't lie to them but let their imagination decide what happened to the kite. If you lie to them they'll never believe you again or will have doubts about what you say in the future.
Divination can be of anything. One idiot man who claimed to be an elder who was my teacher told me that I had to use certain things for divination, that other things wouldn't work. I told him that it's not the tools that the power comes from but that it comes from inside. he didn't believe me so I took three quarters out of my pocket and before tossing the quarters I said," show me yes" then tossed them. Two of the quarters were heads and one was tails. I then told them, "Show me no". and tossed them again and two were tails and one heads. I told the HP to ask me any yes or no question and I would answer him with this divinatory method. He did and I tossed the coins. We did this several times with different questions and got an accurate response each time. I later found out he was not an elder at all but lied about his eldering. For kids, you can create any type of divinatory method and it will work. Some examples are: Take three black beans (can be any number of beans) and paint white on one side and leave the other side black. Ask the question, "Show me yes", then toss them and the same thing for no. You now have one divinatory technique. Take some ping Pong balls and write on them, yes, no, now, later, up, down or whatever words you decide to write for divinatory purposes. Put the balls in a bag, ask the question and shake the bag up. Reach into the bag and pull out a ball and there you have your answer.
Balloon Magic
Write on a piece of paper your wishes, a song, poem or whatever you want the Gods(desses) to see. Roll up the paper and insert it into a balloon. Inflate the balloon with helium and let it fly. A good variation to this would be to put a handful of birdseed inside the balloon so that when it pops the seed will feed the Goddesses children, the birds. You could tie a ribbon onto the balloon with your message tied to the other end. If you put too much seed inside the balloon it will not fly but just drift close to the ground.
Water Magic
Work together to make a boat made of wood or out of scraps of wood. Fill the boat with fish food and a leaf that your kid has written his/her wishes onto. Before your child sends the boat into the water have them say a prayer of what they wish and that in exchange for granting their wish they have fed the Goddesses children, the fish.
Fire Magic
You will need to supervise your kids with this one. Have them write down everything that makes them mad onto a piece of paper and then have them toss it into a fire. If they want wishes to be granted by the Gods(desses) have them write, or draw a picture or what they want on a piece of paper and toss it into the fire. Tell them that as the paper gets burned up it turns into smoke and is carried up to the Gods and then magically turns back into a piece of paper and lands on their alter where they read it.
Home For the Faeryfolk
If you have access to a forest this one is cool. Go out to the forest and assist you child(ren) in building a home for the faeryfolk there. Don't use two-by-fours but branches instead. Make it as elaborate as you wish. Tell your children that sometimes the faeryfolk take on the form of animals and will move into the home you've built for them.To lure them into the home put a variety of fruits and vegetables inside and a note to them stating that you've built this home for them and if they wish they can grant you your wishes. When the winter snows start piling up they will be very happy you've built them a home and stocked it with food. They may feel grateful enough to grant you your wishes.
What to do With Old Vitamins
If you have any old outdated vitamins ready to be tossed into the trash there is another way to get rid of them that will be most useful. Have your child(ren) plant a fruit tree of their choosing. After they dig the hole have them crush up, or maybe you can, the old vitamins and mix them in the dirt. This technique was created by a child and the article put in the Mother Earth News. Now put the tree into the hole and fill in the hole with the rest of the dirt. That tree shall be their total responsibility from this time on. As they water the tree have them recite words of their choosing about how the water helps the tree to grow. Tell them the tree is a living being and they should talk to it, as it understands what they say. Have them once a day go and hug the tree for a few minutes explaining that they exchange energy doing this.
These are only a few of the spells I am working on. Feel free to use these and pass them around. Permission is granted to put these in publications as long as credit is given to me.
Vidar Andrewson - Mind Fire

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why Hello There!

You know, I forgot this blog existed. I was about to re-start it when Blogger told me it was taken. I changed email addresses, so I never saw it on my dashboard.

Anyway my lovies, it's been a year and not much has changed. Is it summer that brings awful things to my life? Another kid in the emergency room, important things break, husband seems unhappy, kids seem bored, money emergencies screwing up all my plans to buy more dolls. Me, with magickal yearnings and no idea how to jumpstart.

Well, that's different at least. Since the kids are a bit older I've been doing a lot of craft stuff with them. Money woes have made me return to making natural cleaning products.

Last weekend, I re-blessed the house with sage, having the girls march behind me waving crystals in the air. When I told them we were making magick  I think they kept waiting for the rabbit to come out of the hat.

I've found my way to jumpstart. The kids. I can relearn everything I've forgotten and really become the witch I want to be (the old lady in the spooky house in the woods who gives you a potion to make your womb more fertile, etc). Kitchen witch, folk magick witch. A little hippie, a pinch of goth and all sarcasm, all the time.

You'll see Vita Plastica subscribing to all your pages soon (that's my doll name).

I'm off to do some research and get my magickal curriculum together!

And here are some new pictures of my girls. Allow me to explain the faces. If you say "Abracadabra" in my house, everyone has to freeze. I found this technique effective when trying to get them to stand still for a picture. But they freeze with goofy looks on their faces:


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Checking In

I really miss this blog. I've been spending so much time on my other blog and my other "hobby" (I sometimes refer to our faith as a hobby because there's always so much to learn, so many crafty things to do). But as much as I love playing with dolls, and as much as it satisfies my inner artist, my soul has been lacking.

My focus has not been my children, it's been stealing moments wherever I can to work on my doll crafts. It becomes a real obsession.

A lot of bad stuff has been happening on our lives. We were robbed, had to take my daughter to the emergency room. We keep breaking important things. There's just some stagnant energy around (we're about to have a yard sale, so there's loads of junk waiting to be liberated). This always leads me to my very Catholic "what have I done to anger You?!"

More than that I feel it around me. My husband's unhappy, my children are bored. Okay the toddler is bored, the baby is just fine! My friends are behaving weirdly.

When people discuss how much they miss their pre-children life, I never understood it. I figured they were just bad mothers. But I get it now! It's not that I really miss being single and childless. These folks are my world! But I do miss being able to work with tiny objects or use some glue without a little one snatching it to pour on her head or something.

What I do think is contributing to this feeling is: 1. my IUD with hormones. I am crazy cranky right now! 2. a more public life. On the internet that is. With my doll blog I was in a new world. It's not like the pagan blog world. You guys are warm and loving and supportive. The doll world pretends it is, but it's much more competitive and sometimes just mean!

Facebook has changed a lot of things. For instance, now I can talk to my friends more often but that opens you up to things like "Why didn't she comment on my new baby?" It's like it's come up with new ways to make you feel like an insane teenager. "You didn't 'Like' my status! I'm unfriending you!"

My mom and I just started a doll bedding business so I can't put the doll world on hold right now, but I need to manage my priorities! How can I teach my girls to be Goddess worshippers when they only see me talk to her before a meal?

Just venting I guess, but I need to shake things up!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Samhain 2010

Hello again,

I miss you guys. I see most of you on Facebook but I do miss blogging and reading all your blogs.

You know I've been thinking about all the witchy terms out there. I had always considered myself to be Wiccan. I follow the Rede and it's a less scary term when you're talking to non witches. But you know, aside from Samhain and the occasional Beltane, I don't really celebrate the Sabbats. And I stopped pressuring myself to feel guilty about that.

I guess because I was raised by a half-assed Catholic and an atheist, holidays other than Christmas or Thanksgiving weren't really paid any mind. Except I think Easter has something to do with new shoes...

Anyway, am I still a Wiccan? What is a Wiccan? Whatever.

This was not supposed to be what I'm blogging about.

My husband lost both of his parents within the last 6 or 7 years. He's been missing them a lot lately. We keep seeing movies with people saying goodbye to loved ones in a coma, which is how he said goodbye to his mother and it's been making him feel sad.

So being so close to Samhain, I wanted to do something special for them. I always bury an apple and some bread at the base of a tree and I will still do that this year.

But for them, we're going to make one of their favorite dishes and set a place for each of them on our patio table. We'll also include a nice big pot of espresso. I'll arrange some seashells and beach stones on the table too (they're from Puerto Rico). And I'll keep a seven day candle burning. I wanted to put out a picture or something but it's been so rainy and windy...

Anyway I'm really excited about paying tribute to this amazing couple, especially his mother who I never met but who created some of the most awesome people I've ever met.

Rest in Peace Iris and Edwin Ramirez Sr!

Happy Beltane everyone!

PS: Another little pagan mom thing: Iris has started to pay attention when we bless the evening meal. She still doesn't want to hold my hand while I do it, but she smiles and soon enough she'll be saying, "Blessed be" Hee hee.

Naming Your Year

Hello my dears,

It's a post! Can you believe it? Well, I wanted to repost about naming your year. I did a post about this last year.

But here's a refresher for any of you who would like to join me.

Several years ago instead of doing resolutions, a friend and I decided to name our years. As magickal people, sometimes it's enough to just decide on a year name, you have to do stuff.

This also helps if you don't know what to name your year. The first thing we do is buy a new notebook. Or if you're crafty, make one. Or if you're a paper whore like me, pull one from your shelf of unused notebooks.

So on your first page put your list of things you hope to accomplish this year. No no, things you WILL accomplish this year. If you haven't come up with your year name, you can now look at this list and see if there is a common thread that unifies it. If you have, then you can see how each thing will tie into your year name.

For example, here is mine:

Year of Luxury:
Spend more money on frivolous things
Work out after baby arrives and get back to pre-baby weight
Attend community events, festivals, etc.
Enroll Iris in daycare a few days a week
Take a family vacation
Go vegetarian for a while, research yummy vegetarian dishes
Begin craft projects with Iris
Spend every Saturday outside the house (in pleasant weather)
Take a walk every single day
Toward end of the year, buy clothes for self!!!
Come up with/employ meal plans!
Buy a deep freezer

So that all ties into my family living a more luxurious life. Playing more, worrying less. But we're no fools, buying frivolous things has already gone a little haywire, so one does have to have a little discipline. I have limited myself to one frivolous purchase per month, all for me.

The husband does what he wants with his money and the children's needs come from the household budget.

This came about because we've been scrimping and saving and we're still so far from being out of debt and wishing for this and that. We had such a frivolous life before we got married and had kids. In my doll craft work, I take so many shortcuts because I don't have the money for XYZ (yet I have money for Starbucks every day) We do not think that life has to be about NOT having. Life is about living.

So we put it to the test. I bought some frivolous doll things. The hubs bought comic books. Then my mom retires and buys us a new king sized bed. My aunt receives pension money and gives us a little something. My husband had mysterious gigs pop up out of the blue. All that PLUS we found a way to save more for my upcoming maternity leave.

So here comes the fun part: Decorating your notebook!

Last year, (was the Year of Conservation but that sounded too bleak, so I changed it to Year of Expansion and promptly found myself pregnant. oops) I used a simple cheap type of Moleskine and inscribed it with symbols of things I wanted to expand. Money, health, protection, etc. I found clip art of various things: happy family (with TWO kids!), a DJ (hubby's profession), a witch on a broomstick (bristle in front), a woman doing some craft work, etc. This year I think I'll put in more of an effort.

Then in this notebook (which should have pockets) over the course of your Year, take whatever notes you will need. I might put in a list of things to buy. Or a random spell that I'm crafting. Or a recipe or exercise plan. And print outs of things from the internet or magazine articles or something.

The book itself becomes a spell that helps keep you in line with your goals. I always keep the notebook with me. You may want to set up a weekly ritual sitting before a candle and going over some of the materials and articles you've collected to freshen your goals.

Lastly, in the notebook, sometime around March-June, depending on whether you begin on Samhain or on January 1st, do a mid year progress report. Note which goals you have accomplished, if your year has truly reflected the name and if not, how to change it. Also any other or new goals that you have for the remaining part of the year.

Okay kittens, that's all for me. Going to do another post about Samhain now.